Heidelberg Topaz 3240-3 ix

Heidelberg Topaz 3240-3 ix
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Topaz 3240-3 ix


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Heidelberg Topaz 3240-3 ix Not New The fastest Topaz with the highest resolution Trilinear Color-CCD-Unit with 3 x 8000 Pixel + 1x 12000 Pixel CCD + Copix Accelerator Board Incl. LinoColor scanner software - 16 Bit technology - The scanner is prepared for copix - For an additional charge is copix obtainable - It works with NewColor 7000 OSX 2.57 (optional, not included) Scanning-system: - flat-bed scanner with dual-CCD-technology - Color/Semitone trilinear color-CCD with 3x8000 colors - CopyDot/stripe monolinear black-white-CCD with 12000 colors Scanning hardware: - CopixBooster for CopyDot- and stripedata - AutoScaling for the automatic scaling in the scanner - AutoSharpening for optimal and fast USM-calculations in the scanner Submittal s hardware - universal tablet for all originals Reflective/Transparency, max. format 30,5cm x 45,7 cm - Dia tablet (glassless) for the easy mounting of max. 32 framed 35mm transparencies (optional, not included) mounting support: -light table integrated -mounting ruler for the perfect positioning of submittals -universal tablet (optional, not included) -format max. 305x457mm for refelctive, 250x457mm for transparency -kinds of submittals: transparency, reflective, color, black & white, semitone, stripe, positive and negative, 3-D-originals up to an hight of 20mm - max. thickness of submittals: 20mm -scaling range: color/semintine: 20-2500%, stripe 20-2500% -automatic scaling function with AutoScaling hardware -sharpeness: AutoSharpening hardware in the Scanner Resolution max.: -color/semitone optical resolution 2000 lines/cm (5080 dpi) -interpolated resolution 4330 lines/cm (11000 dpi) -stripe optical resolution 3000 lines/cm (7620dpi) -interpolated resolution 6495 lines/cm (16490 dpi) -differentiating density range 3.7D, measured on a grey gore of exposed film -resolution density max. 4.0D, measured on a grey gore of exposed film -signal resolution 16 bit per color point and color -Interface SCSI-2 for Workstations -supply voltage 90-130 V, 180-260 V, 50-60Hz -power consumption ca. 150W -surrounding 8-27В°C, 30-70% relative humidity -sizes (width, hight, length) ca. 700x900x1300mm -weight ca. 150kg