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Highspeed SAWMILL Plant

Highspeed SAWMILL Plant
Highspeed SAWMILL PlantHighspeed SAWMILL Plant
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Date: 2012-11-15

Machine brand: Highspeed

Model: SAWMILL Plant

Country: Austria

Delivery term: 1-2 months

Condition: Excellent

Price:  by request


Reducing chipper-canter and circular saw technology for diameters up to 35 cm. control unit with control desks task table with single feeder and advance platoon draw-in table Reducing chipper-canter SAB model PSP 600 Bj. 1994 double wave reduction circular saw SAB model DWRK 350/2 4 Bj. 1995 board separators with clocked Abfoerderer puller left right, back conveyor and chain transverse promoter role course to the cross cut saw double wave saw SAB model DWS 350 Bj. 1997 double wave cross cut machine SAB model KSM 300 Bj. 1997 excerpt with compressed air ejector Springer mini pack with elevating platform disposal Springer consisting of eccentrically swinging screen, bucket conveyor, 2 withdrawal systems (1 x Spaner, 1 x cross cut machine) Antriebsleistung Blochzug 2 x 4,0 kW Einzugtissch 2 x 11 kW Reifenantrieb 4 x 1,5 kW Dreh- und Stachelrollen Parallelspaner 1, 0,55 kWBreitenverstellung 2 x 55 kW Hauptmotore 2 x 2,2 kW Auszugsrollen Reduziersäge 1 x 0,55 kw Breitenverstellung 4 x 30 kW Hauptmotore 2 x 2,2 kW Auszugsrollen Austraggungsbrücke 1 x 3,0 kW Kettenantrieb Transportband 1 x 3,0 kW Rollengang 1 x 0,75 kW mit Heb und Senkförderer Kreuzschnittmaschine und Nachschnittsäge 1 x 1,1 kW Kettenbett 1 x 1,5 kW Oberdruck 2 x 55 kW Antrieb Doppelwellensäge 1 x 1,5 kW Höhenverstellung 2 x 50 kW Antrieb Horizontalsäge Hydraulikaggregate 2 x 30 kW Entsorgung div, Förderanlagen Usw. ca. 15 kW