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Schneider Typ 620-270-ST-Dk

Schneider Typ 620-270-ST-Dk
Schneider Typ 620-270-ST-DkSchneider Typ 620-270-ST-Dk
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Date: 2006-06-01

Machine brand: Schneider

Model: Typ 620-270-ST-Dk

Country: Germany

Delivery term: 1-2 months

Condition: No Information

Price:  2498 EUR


Cutter craftsman compressor with refrigerated drying type 620-270 St-dk,, new equipment with full warranty, pressure 10 bar, suction capacity 620 l/min., EFF. Delivery volume 485 l/min., drive power 4.0 KW, number of revolutions 1440 Upm, Behaeltervolumen 270 l, weight 183 kg, inclusive. Refrigerated drying DK 500 VIA, The data are mechanically translated in the english language. Translation errors are possible. No guarantee for printed data and pricing.