Siemens Hinset

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1-2 months

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700 EUR


Thermal oil pump Siemens Hinset, time WELL 8020, AT 002,062, engine Siemens, 30 KW cos 0.89 U/min 2940, 380V 5Ã, 660V 3À, 33kW cos 0.84 U/min 3340 400V 60HZ/5Â, delivery: 120 m/h H 57m, thermal oil pump of our knowledge after also for water suitably, condition: used, kept good, various optical using traces, engine can be sold also individually. The sales takes place officially as defective without warranty and guarantee. Sales as in the photos, VB: 1000 Eur, collection at any time possible and desired Mo - Fr 8-18h, SA 9-14h, n 86415-Mering.,, The data are mechanically translated in the english language. Translation errors are possible. No guarantee for printed data and pricing.